Eco-Hybrid Muscle Tank

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Eco-Hybrid Muscle Tank - Women's Top

  • Lightweight & Soft
  • 70% Organic Cotton & 30% Hemp 
  • Made in Los Angeles, USA

Natural hemp is versatile fiber is fast-growing, requires very little water, is naturally pest-resistant and produces more fiber yield per acre than any other source. It is anti-bacterial, biodegradable and resistant to mold, saltwater and ultraviolet light.

Organic Cotton Benefits: crops aren't treated with toxic pesticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. These toxins are harmful to farmers, consumers, and the entire planet.

kevala’s Signature ReflectNow: feature inspirational words on the front, such as “breathe,” written backward so the wearer can be motivated as they read the reflection on a fitness or yoga studio mirror. The same word is written forward on the back of the garment, so everyone else in the room can be inspired! #ReflectNow

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